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Olav Sylthe April 26, 2012 Announcements

Due to a scheduled power outage in our building we will be powering down our servers tonight (Thursday April 26) at 6 PM (18:00) local time (Norway GMT+1).

We expect service to be restored by 9 PM (09:00) tomorrow morning (Friday - April 27).

Any demo data hosted on our servers will be unavailable at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Olav Sylthe December 22, 2011 1 Announcements

The office will be closed from December 24th until January 2nd. For all standard support or product queries, email support will be available by contacting or respectively.  For those with SMA or SLA agreements, please see the support contact details in the contact section of the agreement. Issues can also be filed here at our support web.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

myVR Software AS

Olav Sylthe December 20, 2011 2 Announcements

For those of you that are testing our Flash 11 based 3D Map and/or Lidar Viewer solutions, please see the following information from Adobe on GPU and driver support before filing support requests:

myVR Support

Olav Sylthe October 25, 2011 1 Announcements

With the recent release of Flash 11 from Adobe we have been seeing some support requests in relation with our myVR 360 Panorama product related to performance on various platforms, but especially for Mac OS. We've seen similar reports from other vendors world wide that there seems to be certain stability and also performance issue with respect to Flash 10 compatibility. Adobe has addressed a number of these issues already with their Flash 11.2 release, which is now out in Beta. We believe that an update from Adobe will be coming very quickly and that the issues we've seen should then be resolved.

Please ensure that you're running recent versions of your browsers with Flash 11 according to the following technical requirements posted by Adobe:

Also, the Adobe Flash 11.2 beta can also be downloaded right now if you want to see immediate speed improvements here:

myVR is also developing a Flash 11 specific version that utilizes the new Stage 3D support aka HW 3D rendering, which will provide a great performance and feature lift for the 360 Panorama. We will announce the availability of this version at a later time.

Olav Sylthe September 2, 2011 Announcements

Performing a required maintenance upgrade!